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The Full Story


Welcome to Puzzled by Crime. This unique venture born from the passion of Alex (an alias, of course), a puzzle enthusiast and crime analyst with a background deeply rooted in academia and an extensive portfolio of working on countless cases internationally spanning diverse crime types. She's long envisioned a hobby that merges the intrigue of criminals with the enjoyment of puzzle building portrayed creatively with the concept of organising chaos and finding colour amidst darkness.

At Puzzled by Crime, our mission is twofold: to engage and stimulate the analytical mind while fostering a deeper understanding of the shadows that exist in our world. By exploring these darker facets, we aim to empower people to navigate vulnerable situations, consider potential responses and foster discussions on prevention.

It's essential to note that the images used in our puzzles are not to glorify criminals but rather for showcasing the diverse faces of crime. Our intent is to inspire education through our fascination with true crime. We want to recognise and pay utmost respect to the bravery of victims and survivors. We extend our appreciation to the law enforcement and intelligence communities for their unwavering dedication to making the world a safer place. Furthermore, our gratitude extends to journalists and authors who share stories and theories, recognizing that knowledge is essential in the fight against crime.

For Alex, crafting puzzles is more than a hobby; it's a way to emulate the thrill of identifying crucial evidence or connecting critical links in criminal investigations. Solving puzzles enhances visual-spatial reasoning, mental agility and short-term memory. It triggers the release of dopamine, contributing to improved mood regulation, memory, and concentration. Additionally, engaging in deep flow state activities is associated with increased happiness, intrinsic motivation, creativity, and managing emotions.

We recommend that you complement your puzzle solving experience with your favourite relaxing music or by indulging in true crime podcasts. Below, you'll find some of her personal favourites:

We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Puzzled by Crime, where each puzzle is an intriguing challenge to piece together the broken. 

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