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John Gotti, also known as the "Teflon Don," was an American mobster and the boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City. He rose to power through organized crime and became one of the most notorious and powerful Mafia bosses. Gotti was involved in various criminal activities, including racketeering, illegal gambling, and orchestrating the murder of rival mobsters. He was eventually convicted of multiple charges, including murder and racketeering, and died in prison in 2002.


Made with high-quality chipboard pieces, this 1000-piece puzzle is great for adults and ships in gift-ready metal boxes.

  • Pre-diecut chipboard with a satin finish.
  • 1000 precise interlocking pieces, thin enough to fit into any frame (Width 74.30 cm, Height 50.16 cm, Weight 0.78 kg) 
  • White metal tin box with finished image on the cover

Puzzled by Gangsters - John Gotti

SKU: 28144816944207546885

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